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“Building a New Facility for Homeless Dogs in Central PA”

Many people have seen the commercials on television of the homeless, sometimes abused, dogs that are looking for a home. You may have thought to yourself that this type of thing could not happen in your own neighborhood. The sad reality is that it does. Our adoption coordinator receives phone calls and e-mails 7 days a week, many calls per day, about dogs that have been abandoned or that someone wants to surrender. Since our founding in 2002, Canine Rescue of Central PA has found forever homes and new lives for hundreds of homeless dogs in Central PA. We provide food, a no-kill facility and medical care for the abandoned, the surrendered, and the stray. Our organization strives daily to bring people and pets together – enriching the lives of both. If you have ever thought to yourself when watching those television commercials that you would like to help then this is your opportunity to help Canine Rescue of Central PA build a new facility for dogs in Central PA who, for one reason or another, find themselves homeless.

The Need

Canine Rescue needs a larger facility to provide sanctuary to the homeless dogs in our community. Despite the diligent efforts of volunteers and staff to make the current facility as comfortable as possible, there is no question that a different environment is needed. 

Some of the current needs that are not being met at the current facility but would be addressed at the new facility include:

Need a larger facility due to an increase in the number of dogs that are being rescued. The facility is almost always at full capacity with a waiting list.

Current facility is not conducive to long-term care of the dogs that may have extended stays until they are adopted.

A short term and long term facility is needed which the new facility would provide.

A quarantine area is needed to place newly surrendered dogs until they have received their vaccinations or have received medical care with heated non-slip floors.

Facility will have housing for individual dogs and also larger pods for dogs that can live in a communal environment. The individual runs will be larger than a typical kennel run. We want each dog to have a room where they can have a bed and move around comfortably

A designated training room where new dogs can be evaluated for training/behavioral needs. This room can also be used to hold dog training for people who adopt dogs from Canine Rescue and also to the general public.

Dividers between the runs to provide privacy and a calmer environment

Acoustical treatment for sound 

Natural light throughout building 

Veterinary / medical designated room

Laundry room

Outdoor runs that have coverage so dogs can stay outside during nice weather for a longer period of time.

A designated grooming area 

A larger area to house dog food and supplies. 

A designated food preparation area.

Indoor area for the dogs to get exercise when going outside is not possible.

Due to the increase in the number of adoptions each year the new facility would have:

oMore office space to handle re-homing, telephone calls, bookkeeping and records.
oDesignated rooms for meet and greets with potential members of a forever home
oSenior Dog housing that is more of a home like area to avoid any additional stress for them. 
oAdditional outside play areas for the dogs away from the general runs 

In addition the new facility will provide:

Several walking trails

Outdoor pavilion

Additional land for future expansion if needed

Large ceiling fans throughout building

HVAC system that dries the facility area

Lighting over the runs

Security system

Non-porous materials where disease and bacteria cannot grow 

Van to transport dogs to medical appointments, home visits prior to adoption and to dog adoption events

The Difference

Our new facility will provide additional space for animal rescue and indoor protection from the weather. The reduced stress will be healthier for our re-homing animals, creating an environment conducive to the bonding between pets and their new families. Our design has been created using best practices that will help us increase adoptions by up to 50%

Capacity for dogs will increase from 20 to 36.

The new senior dog area will allow us to keep the senior dogs looking to be adopted in a more home like atmosphere to try to help them avoid any additional stress.

Dedicated space for re-homing counseling will help increase re-homing rates.

The facility will hold spay and neuter clinics, pet training sessions, workshops on responsible pet ownership, and other public education sessions aimed at preventing pet problems and reducing the number of unwanted animals in need of facility and re-homing. We will be adding educational and training components to increase our animal’s success of being placed for re-homing.

It will not only make re-homing and animal care more efficient, but it will be a more welcoming building with stress reducing natural light, and separate lobbies for the different services we provide. 

Why Support Canine Rescue of Central PA

Canine Rescue helps individuals with financial hardship cases that may no longer be able to keep their dog
They spay/neuter all dogs that come in and offer referrals to low cost services for spay/neuter.
They offer a reduced rate for re-homing of senior dogs
Canine Rescue always takes a dog back if the person adopting the dog feels that the dog is not working out with their family.
Canine Rescue is run entirely by volunteers who take care of the dogs 365 days a year.
Canine Rescue works closely with other rescue programs to help when possible.
Canine Rescue consults with a team of trainers and behaviorists who evaluate dogs when issues possibly related to behavior are observed.

Canine Rescue of Central PA Needs Your Support

We need your generosity to make this long-awaited, much-needed sanctuary a reality. You can help by making a pledge of financial support. You can make a pledge of up to three years. Stock donations are also accepted. In-kind donations are also needed. Naming rights are available for the entire facility and for many of its important components.  
Together we can ensure that we are helping homeless dogs in our community by providing a warm and safe place to land for as many as we can while they wait for their forever home.